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Handheld Pedi Mate 18 in 1

Handheld Pedi Mate 18 in 1

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Handheld Pedi Mate 18 pcs

Pedi Mate represents a pedicure set with a total of 18 accessories .

You have 2 ergonomic batteries specially designed to remove dead skin, an electric appliance, 10 ends for a smoothing and finishing of nails, a battery for nails and 4 accessories that can be used for the subsequent smoothing of the heels and the rest of the foot. .

Enjoy healthy and beautiful feet, without costly expenses, no time wasted and all this from your own home, only with the help of Pedi Mate product. 
From the moment you start using the Pedi Mate product, you will no longer be confused with:

  •  Dry and cracked skin on the heels
  • Prude skin and knuckles on the thumb and side of the sole
  • Nails with irregular shapes, cuticles or asperities

Pedi Mate Package contains:

  • Pedi Mate machine
  • 2 x ergonomic Pedi Mate batteries for heel care
  • 1 x long battery for care of the nails
  • 10 accessories for the Pedi Mate machine
  • 4 x accessories with a slightly abrasive surface for smoothing the heels
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