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MJ Sulfate free Shampoo | 500 ml

MJ Sulfate free Shampoo | 500 ml

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Sulfate free Shampoo | 500 ml

Cleanse, moisturize and add shine with our mild shampoo, great for all hair types and textures. Great for virgin, treated and colored hair. Our all natural plant-based keratin infused shampoo is sulfate and paraben free. This shampoo emulsifies into lather while strengthening and moisturizing . It repairs the hair while supporting our MJ Hair Keratin treatment.  Its’ rich, creamy consistency softly cleanses the hair and hydrates damaged cuticles.

Instructions for use: Use MJ Hair Shampoo on wet hair. Pump desirable amount into palm, rub hands together and gently massage into hair ad scalp with fingertips. Rinse thoroughly.  Repeat if necessary. Then finish with MJ Hair Conditioner for smooth, shiny result.

Special item for protein treated hair, hair treated with keratin and botox. 

– Sulfate Free

– Paraben Free

– Anti frizz

– Good for virgin or colored hair

– Keratin and protein infused

– Everyday use

– Prolongs the results of the treatment

– Best if used with MJ conditioner after.

– Vitamin Infused

– Removes product build up

– Pleasant scent


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