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Sex in The City Kiss Set | Perfume For Women

Sex in The City Kiss Set | Perfume For Women

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Sex in The City Kiss | Perfume For Women's

Kiss  Eau de Parfum Spray is a fabulous fresh scent that opens with notes of Eden's mist water flowers, blue hyacinth, orange blossom and fruit of Jabuticaba wood (Brazilian tree whose fruit resembles grapefruit).

The heart features Laelia orchid, jasmine, pink honeysuckle and Mahonia japonica, the Chinese yellow flower that blooms in winter.

The base consists of a plum blossom, amber seed, Zebrano Wood and Golden Melaleuca Bark. Recommended for all time wear.

It is fine to wear at work or while strolling around town in anticipation of meeting Mr Right.

it has Body Lotion, Shower Gel, 2 perfume

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