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Organic Olive Soap

Organic Olive Soap

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Organic Olive Soap 

This organic soap is hand crafted with natural ingredients using the traditional ( cold process) using the finest ingredients available in the market , the soap is made using the recipes that our ancestors used.

Soaps containing olive oil will also help restore the natural function of your skin by not blocking pores, replenishing lost oils, and maintaining elasticity.  The rich fatty acids and vitamins naturally present in olive oil bring life to your skin.

The vitamins that are present in olive oil are vitamins A and E. These vitamins are antioxidants that have free radical fighting properties. If you wear make-up or are exposed to pollution (i.e. being outside) then you are exposing your body to free radicals. The olive oil in soaps can help wash these disease causing, pro-aging elements off your skin.

4.5 OZ 

what is the cold process ?

the cold process method only uses just enough heat to melt the natural oils to protect and retain the nutrients that nourish skin 


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