MJ Hair 27 Protein | 1000 ML

MJ Hair 27 Protein | 1000 ML

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MJ Hair 27 Protein | 1000 ML

It helps smooth wavy, curly and frizzy hair. Its revolutionary formula is created to penetrate through the hair and reverse damage. It strengthens and restores shine for healthier, frizz free, silky hair and manageable hair .

Instructions for use:

Wash hair with MJ Hair Shampoo, do not apply conditioner or any other additional styling agents. Dry 90%, put MJ Hair 27 Protein in the hair using small tooth comb to spread though the hair until the hair is fully saturated. Leave in the hair for 45 minutes, rinse hair about 70%, blow dry completely, go over small sections of hair 10-12 times with MJ Hair Flat Iron @470C.

You can apply MJ Hair Shiny Silk for any Type Of Hair  

-Tame your hair

– Reverse the signs of dry hair

– No more frizz

– Versatility to desire wavy or straight

– Long-lasting results

– Smooth, shiny and silky hair

–Zero Formaldehyde

Available Size : 1000 ml


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