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MJ Conditioner With Keratin Protein | 500 ml

MJ Conditioner With Keratin Protein | 500 ml

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Conditioner With Keratin Protein | 500 ml

our sleek and moisturizing conditioner is versatile on all hair types. This unique natural formula nourishes and locks in keratin and hair color. Its’ rich, creamy consistency hydrates to add shine, repair and protect all hair types and texture. It visibly softens and adds flexibility with your first wash.

Instructions for use:

After shampooing your hair with MJ Hair Shampoo apply MJ Hair Conditioner on wet or damp hair. Pump desirable amount into palm, rub hands together and evenly finger-comb conditioner into hair focusing on ends. Leave in for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Towel dry.

Special item for protein treated hair, hair treated with keratin and botox. 

–  Paraben Free

– Anti-frizz formula

– Prolongs the results of the treatment

– Good for virgin or color treated hair

– Keratin and protein infused

-Strength against damage

– Pleasant scent

Best if used with MJ Shampoo before.

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